Happy go lucky

Wish someone well with a gift that says all the best

We received a horseshoe as a gift on our wedding day. Let me explain, my husband’s family is from North Dakota, and that was their way of wishing us good luck. It hangs facing upward over our front door, which is supposed to keep all the good luck inside. I mean, who couldn’t use a little vote of confidence every time they head out into the big world?

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, it got me thinking about ways to say good luck to friends and family when there’s an important event approaching. Whether it’s a big game for your kid, a key meeting for your spouse or a new adventure for your friend, certain occasions can be made more special with a little gift.

Sure, a four-leaf clover will do the trick, but we know they’re hard to find. Italians and Greeks can appreciate an evil eye amulet to ward off bad spirits. Eastern cultures might choose a lucky bamboo plant or some jade jewelry. No matter the nature of your preferred lucky charm, it can provide that extra boost of confidence someone might need on a critical day.

As a writer, one of my favorite lucky items to wear is a recycled typewriter key bracelet I received from my parents for my birthday. Call me superstitious, but I feel the words flow more freely when I wear it to work.


If you’re looking for a way to send positive vibes to someone, check out the following gift ideas.

What brings you good luck? Feel free to comment below.

This week’s picks

Ladybug luck: If someone you know is heading off to school or a new job, these ladybug push pins/magnets are a cute way to say best of luck. They measure just less than 1 inch each and include 25 in a pack. $10.25



Sweet dreams: Let someone know you’re watching out for them even at night. This handmade dream catcher is made of grey, white and black tassels tied to an 8-inch ring featuring a sun-like embroidered design. $12.99



Encouraging words: Star Wars fans can find their strength in this men’s spinner ring. The polished silver stainless steel band has the phrase May the Force Be With You embossed into its surface for positive reinforcement. $11.59


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