The power of wine

A bottle of red or white can help lift spirits

Working late at the newspaper one night, the only other person in the office was the custodian. He heard me coughing from down the hallway and came into my office, taking my garbage but leaving me some golden advice.

The middle-aged Italian man shared with me his recipe for fighting off a cold: red wine, heated up, with a little sugar and black pepper added to the mix. It would cure my ails, he promised. And it did!

To this day, especially now that I’m a mom who doesn’t have time to coddle a cold, I use this go-to remedy. Okay, I’ll admit, I sometimes just drink the wine, but even that alone helps.


While a glass of red may boost someone’s health and mood, consider pairing a bottle of any variety with these wine-themed items enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

What’s your preferred wine? Red or white? Feel free to comment below.

This week’s picks:

Cure all: If you want to try my Italian home remedy (see above), this is the perfect glass to serve it in! This 11-ounce prescription wine glass goes great with red, white or rose. $13.49



Memory aid: Help someone remember that great bottle they shared with friends last night. It’s easy to pop the cork into one of these metal monogram letters that double as corks holders to save the names of their favorites for a guaranteed good bottle next time. $65.95; individual letters also available



Perfect pair: Honoring one of the greatest love stories in life—wine and chocolate—this set of four, 2-ounce artisan chocolate bars brings out the best flavor in both. Milk, dark and white varieties are labeled according to the wine with which they pair best. $19.95


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