Heartfelt happiness

Celebrate all types of love this Valentine’s Day

Though Hollywood and Hallmark might highlight the romantic side of Valentine’s Day,  you don’t have to be a pair of doe-eyed lovebirds to celebrate the holiday.

In grammar school, I expressed my joy of friendship with paper valentines. In high school, I bought flower-grams from the cheerleaders to send a sign to that guy I had my eye on in homeroom. And, as I got older, I saw the value of celebrating the bond I had with my friends, long before “Galentine’s Day” became a thing on Parks and Recreation. Through it all, I had the bonus of my mother’s birthday landing on Feb. 14, so even when I was left without a love interest, I always had a dinner date.


So I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate all the people we love and are thankful for in our life. Whether you’re celebrating with your friends in singular solidarity, are on a first date or just want to honor someone special for touching your heart, feel the love in the air this year. Check out the following tokens of appreciation that will let your person know you’re thinking of him or her.

P.S. I can still smell those carnations from high school! What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you ever received? Feel free to share below.


This week’s picks:

Peace of Mind—A gift card to a meditation studio can keep your honey grounded. Studios such as The DEN Meditation in Los Angeles and Inscape in New York City offer a variety of relaxing mindfulness classes that can reduce stress and anxiety, which is ultimately good for the heart. Single classes to memberships available at most studios. Prices vary.


Hot Chocolate—Spice up your chocolate selection this Valentine’s Day. This tabasco chocolate tin includes six pieces of dark chocolate with a bit of a kick. $23.94


Flowers That LastVenus et Fleur’s small box contains 16 sweet roses of your color choice in a black or white box. Beyond the unique presentation, your love will be impressed by the fact that the buds need no attention (they don’t even need water), and they’ll last for at least a year. From $299.


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