Gifts for Dog-Lovers

Have them howl over these super-cute sentiments

I had the craziest dog growing up. Spocky was a poodle-wheaten terrier mix and attacked everyone on their way out the door. He could jump as high as my shoulders and barked incessantly. But he was cute, and I loved him.

Though my daughter begs me daily to get a dog, I’m not past the child-rearing stage that makes me want to tend to another living creature just yet. We have fish (likewise crazy—one leaped out of its tank to its death last summer) and plenty of deer in the yard to pick up after.

Yes, one day, when the kids will actually follow through on their promises that they will help, I look forward to cuddling up to a fuzzy friend. For now, we just acquired a dog-niece, Ginger (pictured here), who the kids can play with when they want a four-legged friend.


The whole family got to spoil Ginger this past Christmas. When it came time to pick out the perfect gift, we went with a cute sweater from Petco. But I was tempted to pick up a bone from the butcher at our local Foodtown supermarket, which has them on special.

As the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show comes to Madison Square Garden next week, dog lovers everywhere will be watching to see the best of the best. Some of their own pets might even have lineage to connect them to contenders. It’s a great chance to lie down with your pup and celebrate the beauty of man’s best friend.

If you have a favorite dog or know someone who’s just crazy about them, here are some year-round ideas to touch their hearts.

What’s your favorite breed? Feel free to leave a comment below.


This week’s picks

Wine Glasses—If your friend has a favorite breed, these handmade stemless wine glasses will do the trick. The glassware features a classy dog silhouette (multiple breeds available). For an extra fee you can personalize them with text, such as a pet name. $13.50 per glass


Playing Cards—Whether the kids are dealing a game of War or the adults are gathering for poker night, these playing cards have a whimsical side to lighten the mood. The Pack of Dogs Playing Cards features amusing illustrations that highlight the playful side of pups. $12.50


Pet Hammock—Who needs a dog house when you can chill out in a pet hammock? Though pictured here with a cat, small dog breeds up to 22 pounds can put up their paws while relaxing in the fleece-lined bed that’s reversible and removable. $24.99


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