On-the-go gifts

Travel gifts can make adventures extra fun

Winter getaways and spring break seem to be on everyone’s mind these days. With Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day weekend coming up, lots of folks will be headed to tropical beaches or mountain resorts for a little R&R.

If you’re looking for a present to give someone with travel plans, think about items that can make their journey a little easier or relaxing. Suitcase-shipping services such as Lugless can lighten their load. The company uses FedEx and UPS to separately send wares, avoiding achy shoulders and fights with your airline over lost bags.

A number of travel games for kids will keep them entertained on the flight or in the car. Cards games are great for a break from tablets and handheld video games. Some of my kids’ favorites are Spot It!, Word A Round and Monopoly Deal.

Finally, you could also gift them something to remember the trip by. A nice picture frame or album to fill upon their return would be appreciated. You could even hand-make a memory box. Just stop by a craft store for a basic wooden box with lid, then stencil the name of the country or city they’re visiting on the side. They can fill it with postcards, trinkets and memoirs. The gesture will keep them smiling about their trip years after it’s over.

Do you have any plans for winter/spring travel? If so, what do you think would make traveling easier or more enjoyable? Feel free to comment and share your ideas—we could all learn a thing or two from each other.

This week’s picks:

For him: He may have to fly coach, but you can make it more comfortable with a personal Carry-On Cocktail Kit. Whether he likes an Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, or gin and tonic, there’s a to-go tin for him. Sets come with all the necessary ingredients and tools, including a mini stirring spoon and a classy linen coaster. Each kit makes two drinks. $24

For her: Canon’s compact Selphy CP1300 is great for quickly printing vacation photos. The wireless device lets you print right from your smartphone and churns out images in a variety of sizes (up to 4×6) in seconds. $109.99

For kids: Keep kids from complaining about how hard it is to carry their own skis with FastStrap. The handy contraption comes in an array of different colors and designs. Just slip the carrier strap around your skis and secure with the stretchy ski straps, then sling them over your shoulder for easy transport. $28.90

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