Keeping up with resolutions

If you want to help someone, give them a gift that will positively impact their life.

I’ve worked for numerous newspapers, websites, magazines, etc., and no matter the industry, the editorial calendar always kicks off January with the same theme: New year, new you.

Well, I’m continuing that tradition in the world of gift-giving by focusing on items you can present to your family and friends that will help them achieve their goals for 2019.

There’s no shame in admitting we all have a bad habit or two. Some people may vow to stop smoking in the new year, while others make a bid to hit the gym more. Whatever the intention, there are some products to help keep those commitments.

On the low-tech end, you can try a Habbit Rabbit ($25). The double-figurine set consists of one palm-sized glass bunny and a mini pewter companion that work together to remind you of your goals. Just pop one on top of the ice cream in your freezer to keep an eye on your sweet tooth, and use its mate to hold down your menus at work to remind you to make healthy lunch choices. It’s like having someone to keep an eye on you.

For techies, or those who need more than a gentle reminder, there’s Pavlok 2 ($219). The Fitbit-like wristband emits beeps, vibrations and even electric shocks to keep you from bad habits.

Though there’s no fool-proof remedy for habit–breaking or –making, check out these and other items that might help someone in their quest for self-improvement. Happy New Year!

This week’s pick:

Stop a smartphone addiction by locking up the offender. The Cell Lock-Up temporarily houses your cell so that you can be more social. $21.95

Everyday picks:

For him: Whether it’s for an aging dad or forgetful teen, the Instant Biometric Lock from Hammacher Schlemmer can keep valuables safe without the stress of forgetting a combination. The lock remembers up to ten fingerprints for easy opening. $69.95

For her: Don’t just give her a little blue box—give her a little blue heart she can show off. The sterling and enamel Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm from Tiffany & Co. is simple and sophisticated, and can easily be added to any necklace or charm bracelet. Its signature color is also unmistakably elegant. $150

For kids: If the kids are going stir-crazy indoors, let them get out their energy with Ollyball. This state-of-the-art ball weighs less than an ounce and absorbs shock in a special way that lessens the possibility of indoor disaster. Kids can even color in their own ball with crayons, making it uniquely their own. $29.99 for two

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